Top Best Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet Reviews

If your young ones have started playing tennis and you want a top quality and safe racquet for them at an affordable price so they may enjoy their tennis for a long time. So, the Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet is the best choice for your kids.

It is highly approved by professionals from age 5 and up to 5 and comes with different colors so you can choose different colors for your daughter and son. This has become one of the best choices of parents for their kids. That’s why this product has a best seller rank on Amazon.

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet – Latest Buyer’s Guide of 2022

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquets

This aluminum racquet is designed by experts with tight and high-quality strings with 0.45 pounds weight of this gear to make it easy to play and handle.

Wilson is an international company serving its best to customers from 1965. They create high-quality racquets with balanced heads and weight for people depending on their age and skills. They are making different kinds of equipment for their customers, and their balls are also well known for the US Open Championship.

These are professionally designed by the company so they may be able to provide the best experience to kids when they are at their initial stages. Wilson is making different kinds of products according to age and skills their products can be used from age 5 to onward.

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet is made up of aluminum and comes with different sizes and colors according to age and skills.  Child newbies who want to start playing tennis this is the best choice for them because it is safe and easily handled and specially designed for young ones under the age of 10.

This strung product comes without cover but this is not a big issue in the essence of its qualities. Here are some basic and important details of this product.

Product information:

  • Length – 21 inches
  • Head size – 92 sq
  • String pattern – 16*18
  • Weight – 0.45 pounds

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Strong grip
  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable 
  • No cover is available in your purchase. You have to buy its cover separately. 
Bottom Line
This racquet is highly recommended to youngsters because of it’s lightweight and easy to handle features. Its aluminum body prevents it from rust and strings of the head are tightly bound so there is no need to tighten them before playing. Different colors add more beauty to it and high quality makes it useful for a very long time so you can enjoy your game non-stop.



Some of the features of this amazing product are mentioned below:


The body is made up of aluminum which protects it from corrosion and remains the same for a long time. It is light weighted and newbies can easily handle it because its body is evenly balanced so no need to apply more power or damage your arm muscles.


The shape of this racquet is Specially designed for kids because kids can not apply more power, they are young and new to tennis. It comes with 21 inches of head size so they may apply less energy and give a good hit to a ball.


It is available in a variety of colors so You can buy the same racquet with different colors for girls or boys so they can easily identify their own racquets and come with a great color combination.

In short, this is one of the top best high-quality products at affordable prices for kids. The body is made up of aluminum available in different colors. A great starter racquet that can work for a long time because it is specially designed for kids. Its evenly made body helps you to play efficiently and effectively. This racquet will not damage your arm muscles because newbies’ muscles are not yet ready to handle larger racquets.

Buyer’s guide:

Before buying this product, you must be aware of these terms so you may enjoy long-lasting tennis without any hustle.
  • Head size:

The total surface area of a strung bed is called its head size. Different head sizes are available in the market according to age and skills. The larger head sizes racquet gives more power to a player and small head sizes give more control.

Professional players used 98 sq inches of head size because they can apply their own energy and hit with their own power and head size power.  Beginners used 106+ sq inches because they apply less energy so a larger head size gives more control to the player.

  • Weight:

This is one of the major characteristics of a racquet because it affects your muscles and helps you to hit the ball with more power or provide easier access to spin. If you are a professional player you must be aware of this feature that heavily weighted racquets absorb more shock than lighter ones.

Lighter ones provide easier access to spin. You should not choose too light or too heavy weighted racquets; heavier ones can add discomfort to an arm and its muscles.

  • Grip size:

If you are going to buy a racquet then the Grip size is also very important before buying it. Larger grip sizes added more weight and gave users more control over the head of the racket. Smaller grip size gave more power and stability.  Grip sizes should be evenly balanced because it gives more moveability to a player.

People Also Ask

Are Wilson tennis racquets good?

Wilson tennis racquets are professionally designed for players to enhance their skills. Wilson is an international brand working for a long time and known as manufacturers of high-quality products that are currently being used for the US Open Tennis Tournament. No doubt that their gears are perfect for professionals, intermediates, and beginners.

Are more expensive tennis racquets better?

At an initial stage, it is not necessary to use an expensive racquet. A quality product is more important than an expensive one. Wilson US open junior tennis racquet is the best choice because of its quality and affordable price. The choice of our young ones changes every day so it is not a good decision to buy an expensive one.

What is the best junior tennis racquet?

Wilson US Open junior tennis racquet is best for juniors because of their product durability and quality at an affordable price. They are specially designing their products according to age and skills. So Wilson US open junior tennis racquet is first and the only best choice for juniors.

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