A $1500 Innovative Writing Scholarship for Worthy Students:

Rackets Blog being a brand is happy to announce a whopping 1500 dollar scholarship for students who are worthy to get one. The scholarship is totally meant for students who are able to polish their writing skills.

Furthermore, this scholarship we are providing is meant for students of all levels i.e. college-level students, postgraduate students, undergraduate students easily. We firmly believe that words are able to deliver a perception of miraculous ideas one have and that’s the main reason this scholarship will be based on writing.

In short, in order to make yourself worthy of getting the scholarship, you will have to write your heart out on topics related to Tennis and its benefits in the modern day world.

Task of the Scholarship:

The main task of this scholarship is to write about tennis. You can write anything related to tennis that is, about tennis balls, their types, how to play tennis, important strategies in tennis, etc.

You must have enough knowledge about this sports before you start writing on it.

Participation Criteria:

The criteria for selection is not that difficult. You being creative is the only requirement, but the brands supporting this scholarship also want to know about the academic background of a student.

So, the criteria for participation are:

  • A student must have some knowledge related to tennis or he/she must have played tennis.
  • A student must be a part of College/University for the session 2020-2021.

What Will You Need to Do?

This is important because one simple mistake can get you knocked out from the race.

So, to ace this scholarship, you will have to write an article of 5000 words on any of tennis related topic.

Keep in mind that the topic must be related directly to tennis. Adding irrelevant content will be considered non-worthy of the scholarship.

Well, it does sound awesome, isn’t it? You’ll need to submit your creative article in a soft form via email.

While writing the article, you should keep one thing in mind that it must be plagiarism or duplicate free. Anything plagiarized will not be considered at all.

Benefits of the Tennis Scholarship:

The benefits are amazing. You can get the following ones by participating in the competition:

Prize money of $1500 to the winner.

The prize you are about to win will be sent directly to the financial aid office via your university/college/school.

Our judge panel consists of professional editors and article writers who will review the articles and will choose the winner unanimously.

Submission of Content:

After writing a 5000 words article, you will have to submit it to our official email address. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your submission.

The content you write must be submitted to [email protected]

We will also require the following details along with your submission:

  • Full Name.
  • University or College you are enrolled in.
  • The subject of Interest.
  • Email Address.
  • Article/Content document.

Deadline Details:

Submissions for content are open until October 2nd, 2020. Keep in mind that we will notify the lucky winner of this scholarship individually via email.

Furthermore, the winner will be announced after two to three weeks of the submission. Along with that, one should also note that this creative writing scholarship is released every year to facilitate students in an ideal manner.

Scholarship T&Cs:

The basic terms and conditions rule is that we will own full rights of the content you have written for this scholarship competition.

If it is worthy enough to be on top, you will be awarded a stipend of $1500. However, the article will be still acquired by us with full copyright claims even if you don’t win the competition.

Some other rules are as follows:

  • We will hold the usage of the article you have submitted to us and we can use it anywhere we want.
  • Only one entry is allowed. You are not allowed to submit more than one article for the competition. It might end in complete rejection. Keep in mind that we will reject any other submission from the same IP.
  • Language of content must be English.
  • This scholarship is for the session 2020-21 only. We will announce more scholarships like that every year, however, the amount may vary in each session.

RacketsBlog holds every right to change the terms at any time. The terms can get changed in case of any problem otherwise the criteria will be the same.