Top Best Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket Review

Its winter or summer, vacations are coming or not, or you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Tennis is a perfect game for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

If you are a beginner and looking for a lightweight tennis racket for yourself and your young ones, so here is the best gear for you called Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket.

We are going to review this excellent product so you may know its features and some guidelines before buying it.

For people who are using this, this is the best choice for adult beginners. The racket gets so much fame among people that it becomes amazon’s choice on Amazon.

Oppum is an International brand that has been working for years to serve the best to its customers. They are manufacturing affordable and the best tennis rackets for beginners to professionals level.

This American company is presenting its best to the world, they have created a team for its customers, If you will face any problem regarding your product you can contact them to solve your issues.

Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket – Buyer’s Guide:


The best and lightweight tennis rackets are made by Oppum one of the finest choices for beginners to intermediate players.

In this product, you can find all of the qualities that have been missed in your previous one, because the designers have designed it with perfect stiffness.

The frame of this beautiful head racket is made from a mixture of carbon fibers and aluminum metals, so it is corrosion free and has a good quality than other rackets, you will find on the market.

A wooden handle and a strong belt around the frame added beauty and improve the playing ability of a player.

A triangle-shaped under the head is a new addition so you can feel comfortable, and absorb more shock and vibration of a ball. The handle is made with wood, and a free-hand glue that can help you to absorb shock is also added by the company.

Glue and handle worked double and give you firmness to hold, absorb more shock from a ball and help you to hit it correctly.

Bighead size helps a player to apply less energy and give a perfect hit to a ball, so this adult racket is made on this aspect.

If you are a beginner, you can not apply as much energy as a professional player can use because the muscles in your arm became powerful with the passage of time, but you need to have this big head-size racket for your own easiness.

Every single hole on the racket adopted rubber hole technology and was made by double hole technology.  This technique added beauty and also improves the quality of the product that making it durable and stable for a long time.

Strings that are made with double hole technology can perform better, maximize the elastic effect when you hit the ball, extended the life of the product, and give you a good sports experience.

Five most popular color combination is available that can be used for male and females at a time.

Its unique design with the help of colors and a strong belt around the head makes this racket beautiful and also added a 3D look.

Product information

  • Weight: 0.61 lb (Very Light)
  • Length: 685 mm
  • Face size: 110 inches square
  • Grip size: 4 3/8

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • The stable belt around the head
  • Sturdy metal body
  • Grip size is suitable for everyone.
  • Needs Re-stringing
This tennis racket is the best option for adults who are going to start their tennis journey. You can use it with confidence because of its guarantee and affordable price. Whether it is a material, paint on the racket, or speed of the string everything is perfect and made with new technology so its beat ball is surprisingly superb.
Enjoy your play without any hesitation because you are going to have a good experience with this fantastic product.

Buyer’s Guide:

If you are buying a racket for the very first time or after a long time period, you must be aware of these aspects so you may spend your money on a good and quality product.

  • Head

Whether you are a beginner or a pro player head size is the main feature you must be aware of. Different head sizes are available in the market if you are a newbie to this play, buy a big head size racket because with this size no need to apply more energy than a professional player can apply.

Before buying, first of all, check your won level and then buy it so you can enjoy a decent game.

  • Weight

Usually, rackets have been divided into three weight forms, Head heavy, headlight, and even balance. A head heavy is designed for more power than a tennis racket can apply, a headlight is for faster defense, and even balance is a balanced racket between power and defense. Now it’s up to you what kind of product you want for yourself that can be a perfect one.

  • Grip

The Grip is one of the main features of a racket that you should never miss before buying this product.  Different grip sizes are used according to your demand or hand size.

If you have small hands, use a small grip because that is going to be fit for your hand, but some people use a large grip size, and some use a small one.

Just go with what feels comfortable to you. Oppum has used a wooden grip that is suitable for men and women.

People Also Ask:

What size is an adult tennis racket?

27 to 29 inches is the best length racket for adults, but different sizes are also available according to your power and size that can be fitted to your requirement.

This Oppum adult tennis racket is almost 27 inches in length that is a perfect fit for adults.

What is a good weight for a tennis racquet?

Lighter tennis rackets give you more control over a ball, so it is suggested to choose lighter ones than heavier ones.

However, as a general rule, 300 grams in weight is the best option for players other varieties are also available but less than 280 grams are considered to be the lighter ones, and more than 310 is considered to be the heavier one.

Do expensive tennis rackets make a difference?

The material that is used in expensive rackets is considered to be of high quality than the cheap ones such as aluminum and carbons are high-quality materials.

It means that costly products are more powerful, durable, and high-quality. So before buying a cheap or expensive product, make sure to check the quality of the racket that can help you to enjoy a long-lasting play.

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