New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe Review

If you are tired of your old tennis shoes and their low quality irritated you all the time, no need to worry about it. For solving your issue, the best men’s product is launched by New Balance for their customers to solve all of the problems by providing them 806v1 tennis shoes. Here, we are going to do a detailed review of these best tennis sneakers for men to provide you every single detail of it so you may enjoy your play every single day.

The American company New Balance has been working for more than 100 years to manufacture the best quality products for its customers. Their products are well known all around the world and mostly liked by tennis players because of their quality. The only major American brand that is creating more than 4 million athletic footwear per year.

For 100 years, this company is trying to help other athletes to achieve their goals in life because their motive is to “we were born to move.” These shoes are a perfect mixture of fashion and function because the designer of this well-known company is trying to manufacture products that look beautiful as well as their quality is excellent.

Specially designed for tennis players who are looking for firm support and stability in their shoes with an ABZORB cushioning technology for the ultimate in motion control. Lighter in weight and comfortable to wear and stylish in look.

New Balance Men’s Tennis Shoe – Everything You Need To Know


This men’s 806v1 tennis shoe is made with 90% leather and 10% other materials are used in its manufacturing. An imported rubber sole on the outside and c-cap midsole is attached in the inner portion that is adding quality and make it more useful for a more extended period.

One of the best features of this pair is the lightning-quick-dry lining that helps to keep your sneakers dry and your feet comfortable all the time. Different sizes are available with removable insoles so you can clean your product easily.

These shoes are very stable and perfect for people of different ages and different foot sizes, narrow or wide because New Balance is creating different sizes from 7 to 16. It means anyone can buy their quality products and enjoy the play.

You are using these sneakers on a hard surface or a clay surface; it is giving you excellent stability because tennis can be played on different surfaces when it comes to personal use. So experts specially made their focus on fraction and grip that can help you for security.

Product Features

  • Color: White
  • Size: 9 X-Wide
  • Material: 90% Leather, 10% Synthetic
  • Technology: ABZORB cushioning

Pros & Cons

  • Great quality material
  • Perfect stability
  • Shock absorber
  • Useable for both wide and flat feet people
  • Durable sole
  • Narrow toe box
If we sum up all the qualities on one platform, we can say, these tennis shoes are a perfect mixture of quality and stability that every player or a user wants. They are comfortable and available in different sizes and helps you to play on a hard or soft surface easily.


Buyer’s Guide:

Everyone needs to have the best product whatever they are going to buy, so before purchasing this fantastic product, you must be known some of its features and specification. Why these sneakers are different and good from other product that are manufacturing by New Balance. In the following list, we have briefly explained every single detail of this shoe that can help you before buying.

  • Material

90% full-grain leather and 10% other imported synthetic material that is also necessary has been used in the manufacturing of this men’s 806v1 tennis shoe. Rubber soles in the outer side, and a removable sole in the inner portion helps to clean it easily and gives you more stability. New Balance shoes are made with lighting dry liner that keeps your feet dry and comfortable through all the time you are wearing.

  • Comfortability

This pair of shoes is comfortable for different age people who have different sizes of the foot because these sneakers are crafting in various sizes. These Men’s tennis shoes are available in 4 widths. B (narrow), D (medium), 2E (wide) and 4E (extra wide) and size from 7 to 16.

  • Stability

Some of the tennis footwears are used on a hard surface, and some of them are only made for clay surfaces. But this new balance 806 is stable for hard and clay surface because designers have designed it for both personal and professional use, that’s why wherever you want to play with them, they are going to give you superior stability and comfort.

No need to worry about its cleaning because they can be easily cleaned by putting them in a washing machine, and your neat and new sneakers are ready to wear again. ABZORB cushioning reduces the chances of injury and while playing and allows for a controlled heel strike and softer toe-off while running.

People Also Ask:

Are tennis shoes the same as sneakers?

Tennis shoes are specially made for tennis players and designed to help prevent ankle injury, easy and fast movement from one place to another; on the other hand, sneakers are made with a rubber sole and synthetic material on the top. In other words, all tennis shoes are sneakers, but not all sneakers are tennis shoes.

What do the numbers mean on New Balance tennis shoes?

A Shoe that ends with lower numbers (40, 50 & 60) provides the highest stability. Middle numbers (70 & 80) are designed for light stability or neutral runners, and the highest numbers (90 & 00) are your competition and most lightweight models.

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