How Much Does A Good Tennis Racket Cost?

To play a court game or tennis, you must need a racket. And although some racquets do run good money, you’ll be able to definitely realize one in an inexpensive worth vary beginning as low as $29.99 for a junior racket and $59.99 for an adult racket.

Ongoing costs related to maintaining your racket will include grip and string changes every year. This may set you back close to $30 annually. For those merely obtaining their feet wet, there’s no shame in hand-me-downs or visiting second-hand sporting smart stores for a deal.

Cost by Brand:

When trying to find a racquet as an intermediate player, there are dozens of brands and a lot of varieties in brands. You’ll simply select some brand that fits your desire and comfortable as well as a reasonable cost. Here are some brads describes by value.

babolat logo image

Babolat has managed to supply racquets that cater to a broad spectrum of players. In general, their racquets are light-weight and full of power and may expect to pay between $30 and $230 to require one of these racquets home.

wilson brand logo image

The Wilson pro RF 97 is one in all the costliest racquets in the market. With a custom paint job, the worth will push $300. However, you’ll get a lower finish Wilson sports implement for around $30.


These racquets are an excellent choice to think about. You’ll feel a balance between power and management with lots of spin potential. You’ll expect to pay between $80 and $230 for a Head sports implement.

  • Prince Racket


Prince offers a broad vary of racquets. At the lower finish, you’ll expect to pay around $20 for a basic entry-level model—however, the higher-end tiptop out around $190.

  • ProKennex Racket

ProKennex Racket logo

ProKennex could be a Taiwanese manufacturer that provides fashionable arm-friendly racquets and excellent performance, with costs starting from $120 to $200.

  • Yonex Racket

yonex Racket logo

If you propose to buy a Yonex racquet, then expect to spend between $80 and $240. the company has become more and more well-liked in recent years with a powerful lineup of endorsements and prides itself on staying up to this point with technology advances.

Brands that are used by Top Players:

The cost of the rackets not only depends on the player but depends on the features of the racket as well. Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic use rackets produced by Head, which cost between $307-$344.

Aljaz Bedene uses Tecnifibre, while Tommy Robredo uses Dunlop. David Ferrer has changed several companies in his long career. From using Prince and Babolat before, he is now using Wilson.

We’ve researched all the most effective tennis brands with low cost; thus, you’ll realize the best racquet for intermediate players irrespective of what kind of game you have got. Above, you’ll learn how to choose a racquet that fits your game.

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