Top 10 Best Tennis Racket for Beginners – Buyer’s Guide

We got the top 10 best tennis rackets for beginners to master this elite sports game. It is NOT the game only for the professionals, but anyone can play. Do you have the Best Tennis Balls to start?

Because you know that every professional tennis player was once the beginner and starting to adopt this hobby and amusing game to become your profession in the time, you got first to have the hands-on experience, and only the right kind of the tennis racket for beginners can make you learn it well and right.

Do NOT get overwhelmed as we are about to commence with our extensive research backed by the best tennis racket for beginners TO converse you from spending your valuable time picking the right tennis racket and if you do not have quite a knowledge about how to choose the tennis, do not worry then.

Just get to take advantage of our complete guide where we collect up to 10 best tennis rackets for beginners with what they got and how advantageous it would be for playing to master this beautiful yet notable sports game.

So, let’s get going with us!

Best Tennis Racket for Beginners – The updated pick of 2022

Best Tennis Rackets
Head Size

  • 110 sq. in.
  • 27.25 inches
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  • 106 sq. in.
  • 25 inches
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  • 107 sq. in.
  • 19 inches
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  • 105 sq. in.
  • 25 inches
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  • 93 sq. in.
  • 17 inches
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  • 106 sq. in.
  • 19 inches
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  • 95 sq. in.
  • 23 inches
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  • 80 sq. in.
  • 17 inches
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  • 103 sq. in.
  • 27 inches
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  • 102 sq. in.
  • 27 inches
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  • Wilson Federer Adult

Wilson FedererAre you looking for the best tennis racket for beginners? Then, your search should start with the ever first tennis racket from the brand that is trusted AND known for producing the high-end racket, and it is named Wilson Federer Adult.

Sturdy frame made all with the volcanic technology for the increased power and stability where it would not bend against hitting the powerful served ball and can easily absorb the hits made direct on the frame. That ensures this Wilson Federer Adult is going to last for years and giving you the ultimate tennis experience.

Longer power strings come with the ability high to serve the tennis ball with the explosive power to turn the ball act like a rocket where you would hit the points by making the opponent getting exhausted, and he will ultimately start missing the ball.

Bigger head size of 110 sq. In. And the full length of 27.25” and the grip size of 4 ⅜” combine to provide the ball to not miss a hit with the extended head size adding more area for forgiveness to serve back the ball with the power it requires with the length that is too big for the beginners to hit the ball from the long-distance as well as a comfortable and more full grip with wearing the stop shock pads.

With the strung weight of 11.5 oz, that is way too light of the beginner tennis racket made exclusively for the outstanding performance NOT to lose the games even when you are learning to play the tennis.

  • Volcanic frame technology
  • Stop shock pad on the grip
  • A powerful serving of tennis ball
  • Bigger head size of 110 sq. in.
  • A little heavier


  • Wilson US Open Junior

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis RacquetBeing long to around 25 inches, that is one best of the tennis racket for beginners who are meant to master this most excellent sports that are considered to be NOT for everyone.

Made all in black and white color, and of course, the frame built with the aluminum to keep it lightweight, as well as the hitting power, can not be judged when the strings meet the ball and swings back to the opponent with higher chances of letting him (or her) to miss the shot.

With a head size of around 106 sq. in., that is around the standard head size that comes with the racket to add numerous areas for the forgiveness so that the player has not to focus over hitting the ball from the top center of the racket but anywhere would do the job.

The strung weight of 7.8 oz. over this aluminum frame and the string pattern of 16 x 19 is quite enough of the setting to not put much pressure on the racket and is recommended to be used by the tennis players that are under the age bracket of 9 to 10 years.

And believe us, this Wilson US Open Junior racket is all made in the U.S.A., and thus you can ensure its quality and the performance to play the right tennis from day one and just like a professional.

  • Lengthier to 25 inches
  • 106 square inches of head size
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Highly affordable tennis racket for beginners
  • The white handle turns dirty in a minute


  • HEAD Speed Kids

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis RacquetSmaller in size, but it does not compromise with the quality even though it is advised and recommended to only get used by the kids of the age of around 2 to 4 years.

They are colored in green, this 19 inches long HEAD Speed Kids is made for the elite performance to not sound like a beginner tennis racket and is also being used by any of the beginners. Once a ball hits the racket, high chances are it would score your kid a point.

Famous for producing the athletic equipment, HEAD has turned this kids’ tennis racket to let the kids play the professional tennis from their day one of entering into the court regardless of it got grassy, or the hard court and all this HEAD Speed Kids racket got it to perform beyond the expectations.

Designed the O-beam with the aluminum material to keep it light in the weight so a kid from age 2 to 4 years would not feel any pressure attached to their hands to freely roam around the tennis court without getting exhausted as the frame only weighs around 170 grams.

Bigger head size of 107 sq. in. and the grip size of 3.625 inches proves that it is only designed for the kids to hand while its comfortable grip would never have it slip out even though with the sweaty palms.

  • Bigger head size to 107 square inches
  • Suitable for the toddles from age 2 to 4 years
  • Colored in green and lengthier to 19 inches
  • Mildly expensive given the size


  • HEAD Instinct Kids

HEAD Instinct KidsAnd for the kids, they are prone to bring havoc to everything, so how come the rackets could be spared? To deal with the mishandlings and not even to break in half, the kids got to have something superior quality of rackets to play the way they want freely.

For that, HEAD Instinct Kids is going to be a good option out there for the kids, and HEAD brings this revolutionizing product ever crafted to absorb all the abuses the kids have to make. 🙂

Crafted to the length of 25 inches, this beginner racket is recommended to utilize by the tennis players from the age of 4 to 8 years. And the whole frame with O-beam constructed with the high-grade aluminum, this racket is going to last for years until the kid is outgrown to need another one depending on the age factor.

And the standard head size of 105 sq. In. has enough space for forgiveness to freely play the ball reaching the opponent even though it got hit away from the center and the same hitting power it would transmit to the ball just like the center of O-beam.

Being a little heavier in the weight to up to 240 grams, but the kids would NOT felt that as it got a right grip size of 3.875 inches and wrapped by the shockproof pad to conveniently absorb the ball coming right from the opponent to hit back with even more power.

  • Twenty-five inches in length with a head size of 105 sq. in.
  • Good grip to the size of 3.875 inches
  • A little expensive and somewhat more cumbersome for the toddlers


  • Street Tennis Club for Kids

Street Tennis Club Tennis RacketsKids do need something lightweight and built with the sturdy concept to bear all of the wear and tears because the kids cannot have something managed with care, or do they?

To meet with such requirements, here we come with Street Tennis Club racket fro kids that are indeed the right type of equipment to freely hand them and make them play according to their moods and wants.

It comes into the size of 17 inches of length, which is quite the right tennis racket that fits for the kids around the age bracket of 7 to 9 years. And the lightweight frame and overall of the racket to about 7 ounces to freely hand it around and swinging the balls with the more power back to the opponent with the high chances of missing the hits.

Constructed with the high-grade but the lightweight material of aluminum makes sure it is durable to be in the operational mode to survive the kids’ learning age to master the tennis game, and you can so understand how roughly the kids would use it. 🙂

All made in the beautiful and technology-rich country, the U.S.A. so you can never doubt the quality of this Street Tennis Club racket made and designed exclusively for the kids.

  • Lengths to around 17 inches
  • Good fit for 7 to 9 years
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Paint peels off sooner


  • Wilson US Open Junior

Wilson US Open JuniorTo well up to the length size of 19 inches, this signature Wilson US Open Junior racket is designed exclusively as per the standards which the juniors require to play with this sturdy tennis racket.

It is colored in the mix of orange and blue, made with the aluminum material to keep it super lightweight where it would not add any bit of the weight up in the hands. It would perceive like you are not having any bit of the burden felt in your grip.

The excellent head size of around 106 sq. In. with the strung that weighs about 7.8 ounces is the proof that it is goodly lightweight, and the string pattern of 16 x 19 would make the great hit without strangling the strings together.

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This head size of 106 sq. In. It comes with the extra space dedicated for the forgiveness not to miss every delivery of the ball happening right from the opponent player, which covers most areas with the string bed to hit back the ball with good power. Though you cannot make the precise delivery of the ball to your very target, you are not going to miss any hits for sure.

Excellent and recommended for the players with the age of up to 5 years, this Wilson US Open Junior racket is the right tool for the players that are eager to learn to master the tennis to become the pro tennis player in the long run.

  • Full head size of 106 sq. in.
  • String pattern of 16 x 19
  • Suitable for age to up to 5 years
  • Aluminum-made
  • A bit on the expensive side but is the sturdy racket for the beginners


  • Wilson Junior Burn Pink

Wilson Junior Burn Pink : Best Tennis Racket for BeginnersAnd here we come again to list another Wilson’s racket namely Wilson Junior Burn Pink as we are only meant to contain only the outstanding and reliable tennis racket to ease down the research for the juniors and beginners to commence with the professional twist of learning this impressive and elite-level of sports and this particular tennis racket from the remarkable tennis brand, Wilson proves that you, as the parent, have high hopes for your kid to become the professional tennis player shortly.

That 23 inches of length size is the recommended tennis racket for the kids aged between 7 to 8 years and having the body height of 47 inches to 53 inches for the perfect handling and swinging this 23 inches of long racket without touching the ground on the hits.

With the head size of around 95 square inches is good enough of the space with sufficient forgiveness capacity and the power with enough control to take the ball landed on the evaluated distance and the area of the opponent’s side with the speed that is hard to follow by the opponent player. You can easily hit a point after two or three hits.

Composed with the aluminum material from top to bottom, this Wilson Junior Burn Pink tennis racket can last for good years without bending the frame even though if played roughly most of the time.

Make no false picks, and this Wilson Junior Burn Pink tennis racket is around 0.8 ounces in the weight that is well acceptable for the kids to make the impressive hits with ease.

  • Bigger and lengthier to 23 inches
  • Can be utilized by 7 to 8 years of tennis players beginning to master this sport
  • 95 sq. in. of head size for better control
  • Falls under a bit of expensive tennis racket for beginners


  • Insum Junior

insum Junior : Best Tennis Racket for BeginnersLet’s take a look at something reliably affordable than many when it comes to equipping junior players to set right and professional to play tennis at an early age.

To conveniently and reliably do that, this Insum Junior tennis racket works for the kids and the toddlers as it got the length of a mere 17 inches that is more than enough to get in the hands. All meant by hitting back to the balls with the necessary power to surpass the reach of the opponent standing on the other side of the net.

Lightweight construction is made possible as the whole O-beam and the frame built with the aluminum material that is not only famous for keeping the tennis lightweight as well as durable to last the good years even sturdy if abused heavily in all these times.

With the string pattern of 14 x 16 and this 17 inches of the tennis racket that is recommended for the toddlers from the age bracket of 2 to 3 years. So, this professional tennis racket would give a refreshing feel to the toddlers for them to play professional tennis from day one.

As it weighs just about 170 grams thanks to being constructed with the sturdy aluminum material, the toddlers would not feel having any weight attached to their palms and all they would want to just hit the tennis ball off of the net in hunt of scoring a point.

For the Insum brand, you can blindly trust the racket quality because it approves from every single quality standard and protocols only to produce the high-end tennis rackets distribute around the world.

  • Quite lightweight to 170 grams as constructed with aluminium
  • Best tennis racket for toddlers
  • Little to mildly expensive


  • Wilson US Open Adult

Wilson US Open Adult Strung : Best Tennis Racket for BeginnersBeing an adult, it does not mean they can get in the court with the high-end tennis racket to play professional tennis from day one. Well, did you buy this story? We believe you did. 🙂

Well, that is entirely an okay task to get the high-end racket in your hand. For that, this Wilson US Open Adult tennis racket does perform way beyond the expectation that mostly the beginner tennis players have for the high-end tennis rackets.

Coming to the Wilson US Open Adult tennis racket, it comes with the construction of the highly-reliable material of fused graphite with sandstone finish to ensure this racket would not be bent down or twist with keeping the shape to hit the ball with more power than many other tennis rackets out there available in the market.

With the strung balance is derived from 1 point from the headlight, the double-hole technology used to sew through the strings into O-beam enhances the power to absorb the ball coming with any speed as well as it hits straight back into the courtside of the opponent player which is kind of impossible for the player to touch the ball. The more power you enforce at the time of hitting back the ball, it would make the double impact before meeting the opponent’s racket.

And the high arc 2 technology used at the time of designing the frame where it enhanced the level of control and the stability to withstand the hits with increasing the power and comfort to easily surpass the expectations the players would ever demand from a tennis racket recommended for the beginners.

  • Loaded with Arc 2 technology
  • Strung balance of 1 point
  • Double-holed strings for increased power
  • Made with fused graphite
  • A kind of expensive tennis racket but is pre-loaded with all high-end features


  • Babolat Drive G Lite

Babolat Drive G Lite Wimbledon Edition Tennis RacquetHere we come with our last entry of the best tennis racket for beginners from Babolat Drive G Lite Wimbledon Edition tennis racket that is specifically designed for the outstanding tennis game even though the player is just a beginner and entered into the tennis court for the first time.

The balanced and lightweight design of this Babolat Drive G Lite Wimbledon Edition racket is the complete performance-rich racket to fit well for the beginners, and intermediate tennis players as it got with the strung that weighs around 9.6 ounces, and the string bed in the variation of 16 x 19 to make the high spin and the added power without producing any vibration felt in your grip.

Having the head size of around 102 square inches and the length of 27 inches is more than sufficient to be played by the beginners who are adults and no more belong to the young ages.

The broader grip of 4 inches and wrapped with the comfortable stop shock pads help to keep the racket glued into your palms with the added comfortability, and it would not slip out when playing with your increased power.

Constructed with graphite and it weighs just around 272 grams that is meant to play the tennis game with the immense lightweight so that your hands and grip would not feel exhausted ever after playing the tennis for good long hours.

  • Bigger head size of 102 square inches with a length of 27 inches
  • Wideriders grip of 4 inches
  • A bit heavier tennis racket


Mind it, but the best tennis racket for beginners does not mean they have to be high-end enough to make you enter into the tennis court or face either the ball machine or the real opponent player. While the earliest learning phase is considered the childhood age, but it is not entirely the proven fact the people with the older generation cannot learn playing tennis. To do that, we have covered up to 10 different best tennis rackets for beginners targeting the kids as well as the adults, so being the beginner does not bound you to belong to a specific age factor. All of the best tennis rackets proven to be widely known and famous in the market and are coming right from the reputed and established tennis racket brands to make you learn tennis like a real professional player before really becoming a professional and commercial tennis player.



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