Best SpinShot Player Tennis Ball Machine Review

Spinshot player Tennis Ball Machine is one of the most advanced and modern machines available in the world. It is a portable machine easy to carry and operates on a battery which is the plus point of this fantastic product.

There are a vast number of different products available on Amazon, but we have picked up this product by keeping in mind its versatile features.

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine – Best Seller Ball Machine in the World

Best SpinShot Player Tennis Ball Machine Review

In this product, you can program any type of drill you want according to your requirements.

This is designed in such a way that it customizes your training, program height, direction, spin, and speed for each of 6 sequential shots. Then, you can save it into your personalized drill.

With a ball capacity of over 120 balls, you can feed balls from around 19 to 68 miles per hour.

You can also practice fast-paced volleys as this product has a feed frequency from 2 to 10 seconds.

One of the fantastic features of this is a mobile app. You can download it to your phone and program speed, spin, height, angle, and feed rate to customize your drills.

The SpinShot is a famous and popular brand that produces quality sports products that aim to provide high-quality machines at an affordable price.

They develop and improve their products continuously. This is a worldwide business bringing reasonable and high-quality tennis machines.

They try to fulfill all the requirements of players so that players can improve their game without a training partner or coach.

This Tennis Machine has multiple features that are suitable for both advanced players as well as beginners. It is easy to operate and controllable through mobile apps.

Besides, this device consists of 12 pre-programmed drills that provide you with a variety of shots. You can also make changes to these drills, or you can create your own drills.

To easily control the tennis machine, a free mobile app is provided. Owing to its square shape and extendable hopper, this device can be easily transported and stored anywhere.

It weighs about 18kg that is not heavier and can perfectly fit in any car’s trunk.

This player model is incredibly user-friendly and can be operated even by the youngest player. This is lighter than other similar models having similar features.

Now you can control this model with the iPhone remote controller.

Spinshot player is mechanically stable and robust; therefore, there is no internal jamming happening while feeding. Whenever it shows the ball speed is too low, it means the battery is not holding charge.

So it is advised to charge the battery properly or replace it if it needs replacement. 12 pre-programmed drills allow you a full variety of shot positions.

Product Information

  • Weight: 20kg
  • Height: 50CM
  • Length: 50CM
  • Width: 35CM
  • Capacity: 120 Balls+

Pros & Cons

  • Easily and quickly controllable with mobile apps
  • Spin, speed, direction, trajectory, and feed rate can be easily adjusted
  • Multiple features like the mobile app, smartwatch remote option, flexible power options, etc
  • Huge capacity
  • Heavy in Weight: Difficult to drag down the stairs without lifting
With this amazing SpinShot tennis ball machine, you can not only hit 120 balls but also improve your game. It also works as a coach by giving you tips and guidelines. While playing a game with a Spinshot player, keep your phone in your pocket and start or pause the device when you are ready to enjoy your game.
One of the greatest reasons for having a Tennis Machine is that perhaps you don’t have a hitting partner to practice with. Moreover, by using this model you can focus on specific strokes that you want to improve.


Buyer’s guide:

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, the Spinshot can be your best partner. You can program customized drills that have a spin and move you from one side of the court to the other.

Before buying this product, you should know about some guidelines given below:

  • Your Skill Level

First of all, before buying a spin shot, you must be aware of your own skill level. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to buy an expensive product because you only need to focus on hits.

Still, if you are a professional player, you need to check its height, spinning level, capacity, and some other features. So, make sure to understand your level and then buy a tennis ball machine.

  • Ball speed rate

One of the most essential guidelines is the speed rate of a ball because this speed will decide how you are going to play with a spin shot.

If you are going to use a ball machine for the very first time, make sure it owns low speed because this low speed at first will make you able to practice more and more, and then you can increase its speed.

  • Remote control

Before buying a spin shot, it is necessary to check whether it is a remote control device or not because this feature can help you a lot while playing.

You can control your ball machine from a distance, no need to set it again, and again just control it through a remote control device and enjoy continuous tennis play.

People Also Ask:

Do tennis ball machines improve the game?

Tennis Machine is like a coach and is one of the most revolutionary training assistants and will tremendously improve your game. The player can quickly regulate the spin, speed, and direction of the ball. As a result, tennis players’ development speeds up exponentially.

Spinshot provides you the consistent repetition of stroke patterns that are necessary to produce a dependable stroke.

Should I buy a tennis ball machine?

If you are doing practice and hitting against the wall you don’t have a partner, this device will be the best suitable option for you. This will add a new dimension to your practice.

If you are trying to improve your consistency, a Tennis machine is the best way for this purpose. Besides, you can practice whenever you want and set it up to feed you specific shots. So it is a wise decision to buy a Spinshot player to improve your game.

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