Babolat Pure Strike (16×19) Tennis Racquet Review

The game of tennis is one of the favorites games among people, and it becomes more interesting when you use a perfect racquet that provides you great energy to hit a ball perfectly. Players of this game are increasing day by day and different kinds of products and various functions of a racquet are also increasing.

it is difficult for the masses how to find a perfect gear for themselves to enjoy a game properly without any hurdle. So, the pure strike 16 by 19 tennis racquet manufactured by Babolat is the best product for you to play and enjoy your tennis game non-stop.

We are going to review this product for you so that you may be well aware of its features why this is best for you and why you should buy it. Add this device to the cart and play a perfect tennis game that you are missing because of the low-quality products.

Babolat is french tennis, badminton, and squash equipment company, working since 1875 and well known for making the best quality strings at the start. Now, this brand is manufacturing various devices that are mostly used by well-known players.

They always create quality products and continued to focus on strings until 1994 and then they started producing complete racquet for different fields. The engineers always try to craft the best product that can be easily used by people. These racquets are the 3rd generation of the company that serving the people.

Best Pick of 2022 – Babolat Pure Strike (16×19) Tennis Racquet 


As the name indicates this racquet is useful for those who want to increase their speed and hit a ball with stability. The head size and string pattern provide a good hit and grip size help to have firm stability and the triangle shape between the head and grip allow the player to have a quick response.

The new pure strike is the advanced form of Babolat’s old generation products, with 98 sq inch head size and 16 by 19 string pattern provides a quick response to every shot. This head size is suitable for beginners who want to start their game with this amazing product because average length and size helps the player to apply less power and hit a good shot.

16×19 string pattern makes it head lighter that is very useful for spinning it and help to attack rapidly. This is the perfect blend of power and spinning. The combination of sharp and dynamic control that allows you to feel exceptional and play with enthusiasm every time.

This product is the best for those players who play very aggressively, some of its features are specially made for this kind of play I.e. its perfect size, length, and string pattern are designed to provide great power and more spin.

This tennis racquet is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and as well as professional players because of its specification. It contains all of the qualities that a player demands to be in a product so they may enjoy their play without any difficulty. So, hurry up add this product to your wish list, and start playing with it from today!

Product Details

  • Head size: 98 sq inch
  • Grip size: 4 3/8
  • Weight: 305 gram
  • Length: 27 inches
  • String Pattern: 16×19

Pros & Cons

  • Dynamic control
  • Massive spin
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful strokes
  • Not arm-friendly
If we conclude it in the short term, we can say that this pure strike 16 by 19 is the option for hard hitters, beginners, intermediate or professional players can also use it. 16 by 19 pattern and lightweight qualities make it durable and useful for a long time. This product will give you perfect spinning, dynamic control, and powerful stroke because of its crafting.


All the tennis players want these qualities in one place so why are you delaying? Avail this opportunity and order it as soon as possible.

Buyer’s Guide:

Here is the complete and every single aspect of 16 by 19 Babolat tennis racquet for you, so after reading this you will be assured about this product that why this is best for you. Don’t miss this out, make sure to read all the point to have a clear image of all of its specifications and parts.

  • Head size

This product is crafted on headlight pattern, because lighter head racquets are easy to use, spinning quality is higher, less power is applied while using or hitting a ball. So, the manufacturer keeps this in their mind and provides their users with the best and light product that can help them to play easily. If you are looking for lightweight rackets this is the perfect choice for you, grab this offer now and start your play.

  • String pattern

First and the important thing about any racket is its string pattern, who it is made? What is the amount of lines and crosse? Some of the main questions you should ask before buying any rackets If you are a beginner. This product is made on the 16 by 19 string pattern that is one of the finest choices because this kind of pattern helps the player to spin accurately. So, after finding the right answer, make sure you are going to buy this racquet for yourself and a better tennis game.

  • Grip Size

How is it possible to miss this part while we are talking about a tennis racquet. Grip size plays a vital role in tennis, without a grip nobody can play this game. What kind of grip size is useful? What is the perfect size? No need to worried about it. Here are the answers to these questions, although grips are an essential part of racquets the size of your hand is directly proportional to the size of the grip. If your hands are smalls how can you use a large grip? So first of all make sure you know the size of your hand and then go and buy the perfect grip size racquet according to it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Babolat tennis racquets good?

All of their products are of high quality and affordable if we compare the quality with others. A perfect choice for tennis players who are looking for spin, control, and power in one place. Their product is useful for everyone who wants to play tennis whether they are starting playing or professional in this game. So in short no doubt, their equipment is good.

Is Babolat better than Wilson?

A comparison between these two is not so tough, because both companies are doing their best to manufacture the quality equipment. From a survey, it has been conducted that Boblat racquets are mostly used by ladies and Wilson is dominant over Boblat among professional players.

Why are Babolat rackets so popular?

The main reason for their popularity is having a wide range of styles and they are also creating different products and naming them as their generations like this pure strike 16 by 19 is the 3rd generation racquets.

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